Google Drive File Stream does not work on Mac OS Big Sur? Have a solution

After the Mac OS Big Sur installation, I can’t access Google Drive File Stream (not a Backup & Sync).

A popup window tells me to open Preferences > Security and privacy and allow the loading of the “Google Inc” software, but when I open it no software to enable appears. I tried to uninstall/install again google drive file system but it doesn’t work. Any solution for beta versions of Big Sur doesn’t work too.

One user find the solution and it works for me (Macbook 16" 2019, Intel-based). Was having multiple problems with the KEXT issues for Google Drive File Stream, Paragon NTFS and Bluestacks. All these problems were resolved with the following simple steps:

1) Reboot into recovery mode.

2) Go to <Terminal> and execute the following command:

kmutil trigger-panic-medic -R “/Volumes/Macintosh HD”

(if your volume’s name has been changed previously, just replaced “Macintosh HD” with the new name).

3) Reboot as usual, go to:

Apple menu → System Preferences → Security and Privacy → General and allow extension

The above steps will disable all third party extensions from your MAC which essentially “reseting” and forcing it to allow the extension approval prompt again. Upon reboot, you will be prompted a warning message “Panic Medic Boot” which you may ignore. Just proceed with step 3 to allow all extensions and thereafter, your MAC will reboot again and hopefully everything works again.

After reboot you’ll allow all extensions.

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